The Michael Peaks Group offers a specialized approach providing owners with beneficial solutions for the management and exchange of distressed properties. At Michael Peaks, we ease the burden of house deferred maintenance or delinquent taxes by connecting you with our database of clients interested in buying and investing in your property. If you are about to lose your home or tired of overseeing your property, we can help you find a buyer and ensure you maximum profitability.

You've worked hard your whole life to make a statement about yourself, your beliefs, and who you want to become – don't settle for a cookie-cutter tract home. The Michael Peaks Group values individuality, beauty, and thought; the homes they will show you reflect that.

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"Juan is a very forthright, hardworking business professional that I have enjoyed working with in the past and look forward to working with in the future. I would HIGHLY recommend Juan to anyone."
-Marc Futterman, Client | October 1, 2013

"Juan is a highly focused, energetic professional of flawless integrity. Possessing a warm personality coupled with a very sharp mind, Juan 'goes the extra mile' to fully assess and to satisfy his clients' individual needs. I'm looking forward to do more deals together!"
-Judit Vidak, Other | September 24, 2013

"Thank you very much Juan for helping us find the types of investments we have been looking for. You have been very helpful and we looking forward to purchasing addition 2-4 unit properties that you find for myself and partners. I'm glad to have someone like you on my team."
-Pouyan Broukhim, Client | September 24, 2013

"I asked Juan to look up a listing for me and not only did he bring back the information on the home I asked about, he brought information on a number of similar homes, at a comparable price. That was the beginning of my experience with Juan. He always went a little further, did a little more than was expected. Juan was the consummate professional throughout my home buying experience. He answered all of my questions and talked me 'down off the ledge' on a number of occasions. Call Juan now! You have nothing to lose and a new home to gain."
-Derrek Jones, Client | September 16, 2013